Reports are buzzing that The Spice Girls will be reuniting next year for a TV special and a record which — if actually true — will be a huge deal.

The story stems from an article in The Sun over the weekend, which quotes an unnamed insider (that’s usually when alarm bells ring) who is currently working with the band as an aide – and will no doubt be promptly sacked after spilling this story. If they exist.

For what it’s worth, here are the quotes, which could possibly be invented by a journalist at The Sun. 

“The five of them have been locked in secret talks since the summer, and finally they are all on-board for a 2018 reunion. As it stands, they will be working together on a series of projects, which will include an album and a TV special celebrating the Spice Girls.

“And getting Victoria to agree has been a coup for everyone involved, given she has always been the person holding back on a reunion.”

Okay, so let’s assume this is true. What will this look like?

The TV special is an exciting possibility, as long as it is artful created, and the members are candid – rather than this being a mere infomercial.

Basically, we want the dirt.

The recent Backstreet Boys documentary was great because it was raw, and the members told the tale honestly. Imagine the stories the Spice Girls would have!

The album. Hmm. Other than as a nostalgia trip, it’s hard to see how this would add to the group’s legacy.

They were the biggest thing since Beatlemania, pumped out three hit-filled albums — in 1996, 197 and 2000 — and a feature film every bit as delightfully bonkers as A Hard Day’s Night, then got out of dodge just as it all detonated.

Still, with a new album may come a new tour.

And Australia was always one of their biggest markets…

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