Give us a brief history of Damien Gerard Sound Studios.

The studio began in an old Ultimo wool store in the early 1980s. The clients back then included the likes of INXS, Hoodoo Gurus, Divinyls and many more. In those days it was a demo studio and everyone came there to create, write and record, nut out their albums before going on to bigger studios or overseas. Nowadays at the space in Balmain we are a full service studio recording albums, EPs and singles for just about every genre around. Some of those great Aussie acts from the ’80s such as Hoodoo Gurus and Rose Tattoo are still regular clients. The recent Gurus four-track vinyl release was recorded and mixed here. New bands such as Big White (Caroline/Universal) have ‘discovered’ us now and them and their side projects are often to be found creating and cruising in the building.


What makes it the perfect location for recording in Sydney?

Only five minutes from the CBD, plenty of free parking, no time or noise restrictions, easy bump in, in-house backline if required and the best and friendliest, easy to work with engineers in Sydney.


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What’s the equipment set-up? 

Pro Tools, MCI JH24 2” analogue tape, Soundcraft 2400 32/24 mid-’80s analogue board, Neve preamps, Neumann mics, tonnes of old outboard such as the Urei 1178 and much, much more.


Who are some of the artists who’ve recorded with you? 

Radio Birdman, Hoodoo Gurus, Rose Tattoo, Screaming Jets, The Vines, The Church, Big White, Sunscreen, Flowertruck, Half Moon Run, GrimSkunk, Ruth Carp, The Hollerin Sluggers, The Dirty Earth, Christina Crofts, Harmonic Generator, The Cruel Sea, Midnight Oil, Hirst & Green, Underground Lovers, The Apartments, The Posies. 


Do you specialise in bigger projects or smaller single/EP recordings?

We do everything from 15-to-25-day album projects to two-day singles; we had a blues guy in recently who recorded and mixed an entire album to tape in one day!

Damien Gerard Sound Studios is located at 174 Mullens St, Balmain. For more head to

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