Next year, Sydney Festival’s Meriton Festival Village in Hyde Park will host three weeks’ worth of free music for the family to enjoy.

The village will host an all-Australian lineup over the 21 nights, accompanied by a tasty selection of food stalls.


Included in the lineup are Broadway Sounds, Electric Fields and Mighty Duke & The Lords. There will also be a special David Bowie tribute night and a bunch of other special events.


The full list of acts and dates is:

Friday 6 January, 6.30pm Spectres Of Love
Saturday 7 January, 12.30pm Electric Fields
Saturday 7 January, 6.30pm Spectres Of Love
Sunday 8 January, 6.30pm Cumbiamuffin
Tuesday 10 January, 5.15pm Let’s Dance – A night for Bowie Fans
Wednesday 11 January, 6.30pm PIRRA
Thursday 12 January TBC
Friday 13 January, 6.15pm Mighty Duke & The Lords
Saturday 14 January, 12.30pm & 6.30pm Mighty Duke & The Lords
Sunday 15 January, 6.30pm Mighty Duke & The Lords
Tuesday 17 January, 6.30pm & 8.30pm Orszaczky Budget Orchestra
Wednesday 18 January, 6.30pm Body Type
Thursday 19 January, 6.30pm Alice Terry
Friday 20 January, 6.30pm Broadway Sounds
Saturday 21 January, 12.30pm The Spooky Men’s Chorale
Saturday 21 January, 6.30pm Broadway Sounds
Sunday 22 January, 6.45pm Eastern Empire
Tuesday 24 January, 6.30pm & 8.30pm Orszaczky Budget Orchestra
Wednesday 25 January, 6.45pm Alice Terry
Thursday 26 January, 6.45pm Eastern Empire
Friday 27 January, 6.45pm Los Tones
Saturday 28 January, 12.30pm Old School Funk Band
Saturday 28 January, 6.45pm Los Tones
Sunday 29 January, 6.30pm Cumbiamuffin


Photo: Jamie Williams


For more info on Sydney Festival 2017, check out the website.

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