Having graduated from the prestigious NIDA, Aussie filmmaker/actress Sascha Raeburn jetted off to L.A starry eyed and ready to work. Only there was no work to be found, so she set out to make it for herself.

With the help of friend Laura Michelle Hughes, the two have created a low budget no frills attached web-series, titledLost in LA.

The outcome of which is a string of vignettes that shine a light on LA’s lesser know characters, the ones who have not yet been cast.

Raeburn chats to the misfits strewn along Hollywood’s famed boulevard, as well as a handful of friends who share in their experiences of chasing ungraspable dreams.

In a Hollywood-esque style of irony, it could be this very series, which sees Raeburn rise to fame.Lost in LAhas been selected for LAWEBFEST, the largest web series festival in the world, and is gaining considerable traction in the states and now her hometown.

Check out Sascha’s writing/directing/producing/acting workhere.

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