It’s only been three years since Thundamentals released an album, but the maturity displayed in their latest effort,So We Can Remember,far outstrips the time they’ve been gone.

DJ Morgs has outdone himself again, producing a plethora of beats that cover all bases. From the light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek verses on ‘Quit Your Job’ and ‘Noodle Soup’ to the darker and more socio-politically aware tracks, the melodies that accompany the lyrics are thoughtful and nuanced.

Opening track ‘Home In Your Head’ is a slow jam that features the soulful vocals of Mataya. It’s sparse, perfectly self-contained and cool. ‘Something I Said’ features Thom Crawford and takes a jab at childish gossips. The bouncy, staccato keys are interspersed between words of wisdom dished out by the MCs: “When Billy has a bitch about Susie to Millie, it says more about Billy than Susie.” Preach.

In a way, the storytelling that flitters between light and dark makes Thundamentals’ latest work more intimate than ever.

So We Can Remember shows the Blue Mountains trio at its finest – it’s honest, clever, and highlights the virtues that make Australian hip hop so accessible.


So We Can Remember is out Friday May 2 through Obese Records.

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