Ever worry that life on Instagram feels a bit more substantial than your real one? Blurring the line that separates the self from the technologies we use daily to express ourselves, the artists in Totally Looks Likeexplore the idea of self as a medium itself.

Humorous, self-deprecating, witty and insightful, six Australian and international artistshave produced a body of work through performance, objects, photo and video, that considers the changing relationship between medium and maker, in a world that constantly revolves around Tumblr and selfies.

The results are diverse and vibrant – Lana Del Rey is combined with a lasagne, and awkward selfies printed on t-shirts abound. Six artists will explore the result of combining the created and creator: Jackson Eaton, Lucas Davidson, Kawita Vatanajyankur, Jacob Ogden Smith, Jaimie Warren and Jodie Whalen.

Totally Looks Likeis showing at Stills Gallery in Paddington on Wednesday June 11 and Thursday June 12.

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