Pubs and clubs in Sydney’s CBD will enforce a lockout on new customers from 1:30am and cease the service of alcohol by 3am, effective from Monday February 24.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell had announced the measures as part of the NSW State Government’s tough new approach to alcohol-fuelled violence.

The lockouts will apply in the CBD/George Street precinct. The laws will not apply to restaurants and small bars.

The controversial minimum eight-year mandatory sentence for alcohol or drug-fuelled assault resulting in death has also been passed into law, as has a new maximum penalty of 25 years’ imprisonment for the possession of steroids.

‘‘This is not about trying to penalise responsible drinkers,” said Mr O’Farrell, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Greens MP John Kaye, however, opposed the bill. “We don’t believe we can justify imposing on responsible late night venue goers measures that are probably going to fail,” he told Parliament.

The Premier’s Department announcement dated Wednesday February 5 detailed the changes:

“The legislative measures which will come into effect on 24 February include:

  • Creation of the new Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct;
  • 1.30am lockouts enforced at hotels, registered clubs, nightclubs and karaoke bars across the Sydney CBD Entertainment and Kings Cross Precincts;
  • 3am cease service of alcohol in those venues across the Sydney CBD Entertainment and Kings Cross Precincts;
  • Introduction of temporary banning orders for troublemakers in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct;
  • A freeze on new liquor licences and approvals for existing licences across the new Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct; and
  • A ban on takeaway alcohol sales after 10pm across NSW.”

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