Get to know Black Vanilla (pictured), Holy Balm and Cassius Select ahead of this year’s Sydney Vivid Festival.

Black Vanilla

Black Vanilla is an underground Sydney three-piece comprising Lips, Lockheart and DJ Plead – but you’d probably more easily recognise the first two as Marcus Whale (pictured) of Collarbones and Lavurn Lee of Guerre. Originally intending for Black Vanilla to be a live project only, their popularity has grown substantially, and last year they released their debut mixtape Black On Black On Black.

They’ll perform on Friday May 23 in the Studio and Western Foyer of the Sydney Opera House at Siberian Nights, the opening night for the Vivid LIVE Studio series curated by Midnight Juggernauts’ own record label Siberia Records.

Holy Balm

The Sydney music scene is becoming one of great community. As with many of the city’s other young artists, the members of Holy Balm help make up other groups like Raw Prawn, Convent and Four Door. Holy Balm’s last release was a seven-track LP in 2012, so the three-piece will be itching to get its new music out there – starting with the fifth birthday celebrations of DIY label R.I.P Society.

The party lands at the Studio and Western Foyer of the Sydney Opera House on Saturday May 24.Holy Balm’s Jonathan Hochman will play in Four Door at theSiberian Nights event on Friday May 23, also in the Studio and Western Foyer.

Cassius Select

One of a few Sydney producers who have their fingers in a lot of pies, Cassius Select is another side project for Lavurn Lee of Guerre fame. Cassius Select released a four-track EP back in late 2013, and most recently has teamed up with Perth producer Tuff Sherm, AKA Dro Carey, to put out a split EP in mid-April.

Lee will be a busy man on Friday May 23, when he plays twice atSiberian Nights – once with Black Vanilla and again as Cassius Select.

Tickets to Siberian Nights on Friday May 23 at the Sydney Opera House available here. Grab tickets to R.I.P.’s Fifth Birthday on Saturday May 24, also at the Sydney Opera House,here.

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