How’s this for a reunion? OK, The Beatles aren’t getting back together. But Tim Rogers, Josh Pyke, Chris Cheney and Phil Jamieson sure are, for another round of ‘White Album’ concerts.

The all-star cast of Aussie rock heroes got together in 2009 to perform songs from 1968 release The Beatles, AKA ‘The White Album’, joined by a 17-piece orchestra. Needless to say, it’s no ordinary tribute act. And the record itself? Think extraordinary cuts like ‘Dear Prudence’, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’, ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Helter Skelter’. I’ve got blisters on my fingers from just writing about them.

Update: a third show has been announced.

The White Album Concert returns to the Sydney Opera House on Friday July 18, Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20.

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