A multinational collective from the UK, this hip hop trio has its origins in Liberia, Nigeria and Scotland. It is somehow appropriate their latest is titled Dead – either deeply ironic or keenly visionary, given the game of chance that is the life most of their original countrymen tackle on a daily basis.

This being so, it comes as no surprise that the tunes are littered with titles such as ‘Just Another Bullet’, ‘War’and ‘Hangman’.Elsewhere you will find a resilient two fingers to the narrow-minded and shallow, whose thoughts are confined to mocking and whose arguments are deserving of ignominy. ‘No Way’develops into a staunch urban war cry, while ‘Low’recites life’s misfortune in the style of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The variety in the Young Fathers canon is thrilling, andDeadrepresents a trio with ambitions to make a memorable point. Taken on its merits, the album demands several listens – it’s a brilliant synthesis of the smoothness of Seal and Kanye with the venom of N.W.A and Public Enemy. Young Fathers sound regal even if they are rapping about tramps like us who were born to pay.

Terrace chants and smooth grooves stand side by side. A bold step forward.

4/5 stars

Out now on Big Dada/Inertia

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