Yeah, so the majority of Bachie viewers weren’t fans of Jarrod, whose single-minded intensity, aggressive competitive streak, and creepy crawling behaviour toward his one true love, Sophie Monk, saw him repel millions throughout his journey.

But, as he stressed throughout the show, he was there for one reason: to secure the enemy bunker… I mean, to win Sophie’s heart. And for all the nation’s teasing, Jarrod made it to the top two with this technique, and seemed to legitimately charm Sophie enough that she looked visibly crushed when she had to crush him.

She was doing him a favour though, as the below list demonstrates.

It’s actually a massive shame that Jarrod didn’t win, for usually with The Bachelor(ette), the final selection is made, true love is found, and the credits roll. We wish them well, then carry on with things.

But Sophie Monk is a celebrity. We would have gotten months, maybe years more of Jarrod’s antics.

Imagine seeing Jarrod attack a paparazzi member!

Imagine his jealous red scowl as Millsy slips an arm around Soph’s waist for a red carpet snap.

Imagine him trying not to punch Pete Helliar as he quips about Sophie’s past affairs on The Project.

This is only scratching the surface.

Below we present the world of pain that Jarrod dodged – for he would be emotionally unable to handle the following aspects of Sophie’s life.

Her raunchy version of Salt N’ Pepa’s ‘Push It’

That hundreds of thousands of these exist around the world

Sophie mags

That she still has Good Charlotte CDs in her house (probably)


The fact that it looks a lot like Katie Underwood is pissing on a robot dog on the Bardot album cover


This photo of alpha male and footy star Eric Grothe Jr kissing his Sophie

Soph and Eric

This Tele headline that would have broken a few months into their relationship

Sophie Monk headline

That, after people forget what ‘Sisters’ was, this photo of Sophie kissing his enemy will still exist on the net

The fact she once slept with this guy

Sam Worthington

This rankings list

Most importantly, the fact that she doesn’t need him to provide for her

Soph worth

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