Not enrolled to vote because you think the electoral system is a rigged mess which only shuffles quasi-level power among an elite few, with voting being merely a way in which to distract the citizens and make them feel they have a say on what is happening with their country?

Well, all that may be either completely true, or conspiratorial madness, but the fact remains that there is a postal vote coming up to decide whether or not same-sex marriage should be allowed in our country, in the year of 2017 – a year which comes chronologically close to be a full half-century since the Stonewall Riots kicked open the door for gay rights, but still involves us voting on the fundamental human rights of others, via a mail ballot like it’s the god-damn Logies in the ’90s or something.

It’s gross, but you’ve gotta do it, and if you aren’t yet enrolled to vote — or need to change your address — you only have until August 24 to register with the Australian Electoral Commission.

The ABS will send ballot papers from next month, and you’ll have until November 7 to send them off.

The results will be available on November 25 – and even if 98% of Aussies want same-sex marriage to be legal, the MPs aren’t actually required to take the poll into consideration.

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