Things have been looking pretty shaky for one of hip-hop’s most famous friendships. Kanye West and Jay-Z, were for a long time almost inseparable, with both rappers often found collaborating with the other in some way, be it rapping, producing, or being in business together. But as we recently talked about, it seems as though their friendship has slowly been deteriorating to the point where it seems like it’s all over. However, a recent radio interview from 2 Chainz has raised some questions, after saying that the duo are still going strong.

As The Fader reports, while speaking on DJ Drama’s Streetz Is Watchin radio show, 2 Chainz was questioned about how he spent the recent Fourth Of July holiday with Kanye and his family, and whether or not the topic of Jay-Z was mentioned on the day. “Yeah, Jay-Z came up,” 2 Chainz said. “I knew that when I was going over, I didn’t think we were going to talk about Jay all day, you know what I’m saying? But for the most part [Kanye] was like ‘we’re still brothers’, and stuff like that.”

“He had a couple of things that was probably personal that he’d want me to keep that we talked about,” he continued. 2 Chainz went on to discuss what else occurred on the day, but the topic of conversation seemed mainly related to talking shop, and the current climate of the music business.

2 Chainz did however let slip that Kanye has stepped back into his old role as producer once more, and is once again making beats. “We didn’t really talk about recording, but we did talk about the process of him getting back in the lab,” 2 Chainz said. “He’s actually producing again, like him, not just giving out directions, which he started doing for a while. So you’ll obviously be hearing some new Tity Boy (2 Chainz) and Kanye real soon.”

Check out the full interview below.

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