It’s been 20 years since we were first blessed with Legally Blonde, which introduced us to our favourite fashion icon, Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon. 

Two decades on, Legally Blonde continues to hold up as a timeless classic – and also serves as a lesson not to judge a book by its cover as we see Witherspoon’s character embark on her quest to prove that she had what it takes to be a boss babe lawyer.

Of course, it also serves as a lesson on how to rock fabulous outfits while slaying in the courtroom and on campus. In fact, you’ll notice a ton of Elle’s famous ‘fits are coming back in a major way thanks to the Y2K fashion revival.

So, in honour of the 20th anniversary of Legally Blonde, we’ve rounded up a mere snapshot of some of Elle Woods’ fiercest outfits from the flick.

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The Pink Beret

Legally Blonde

It wouldn’t be an iconic Elle Woods outfit if it didn’t have a pop of pink somewhere – and this matching fit with her four-legged baby Bruiser is just too cute for words.

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The Millenial Pink ‘Fit

Legally Blonde

In what’s probably the most 2000s get-up we’ve seen, you can’t go past the legendary scene in which Elle is nonchalantly sunbaking on campus while dressed in a faux-fur jacket, a sequined pink bikini, and pink-tinted coloured sunglasses.

In fact, the look is so iconic that Ariana Grande re-created it fin the music video for her mega-hit single ‘thank u, next’.

Another outfit that screams “early 2000s” comes in the form of Elle Woods’ pink halter sundress complete with matching pink glasses, of course! You’ve gotta love a girl that glams up in head-to-toe pink just to attend law class.

The Court ‘Fit

Order in the court, we declare Elle Woods guilty of being the most fashionable in the courtroom!

Seriously though, this outfit worn as Elle slam dunks her first trial commands attention, especially when it comes to learning the intricacies of perm maintenance. Plus, those soft Hollywood glam curls are to die for.

First Day On Campus ‘Fit

While it may not be her signature pink, Elle’s adorable purple faux-fur and matching beanie (colour coordinated with Bruiser, of course) as she arrives at Harvard reminds us that it’s totally okay to be different and rock your own style – despite what anyone else says.