Unless you happen to sleep in a soundproof tomb with woolly earmuffs on (and that’s your business; no judgement), you were probably woken violently at 3am this morning by one hell of a storm.

It lasted for roughly three hours, an electric dance across the skies and the earth which would have been majestic and beautiful had it not been so fucking annoying.

Weatherzone’s senior meteorologist Jacobus Cronje told news.com.au that 4649 lightning bolts struck the earth in Sydney between 3am and 6am! For those who enjoy long division, that’s one every 2.3 seconds.

Considering it’s his job to monitor and tally such things, we believe him.

“We are seeing a weak trough extending from the interior interacting with a high pressure system from the tasman, and those two things have led to thunderstorms,” Mr Cronje said, no doubt twirling his weather-man pointer like a drumstick.

Over 150 calls were made to the SES during this period, too, so unless it’s urgent, probably best not to waste their time today!

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