The newest kid on Redfern’s small bar block, Hustle & Flow (105 Regent St), is showing promising signs of infusing hip hop culture into every part of its Regent Street operation.

So what’re seeing? With no financial backing, co-owner Tim Duhigg (who runs the place with his wife Lisette Duhigg) has decked out most of the place himself with the help of local graffiti artists some of which include Amuse, Pezm, Jackpot, Froth Monster and Phibs. And what’re we hearing? Hustle & Flow’s tunage is predominantly rap and R&B from the ‘90s. Now let’s get down to business: the booze. The place offers a range of Australian and New Zealand wines and American and Filipino beers, but what you’re really here for is the hip hop-inspired cocktail and spirit list. Snoop’s gin and juice, Tupac’s ‘Thug Passion’ and Tech N9ne’s ‘Caribou Lou’ are among the tipples on offer.

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