1. Growing Up

Prolifik: Our parents had a pretty killer music selection; I still rake through mum’s vinyl collection.

Thraxxy: Mum got me into Creedence Clearwater Revival and I still remember Dad showing us our first Daft Punk film clip. LL Cool J was pretty much on repeat when ever we drove with our old man. Still…I ended up as the chubby weirdo kid in the Manson shirt at school… I guess I still am!

2. Inspirations

T: I listen to everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Suicidal Tendencies! I would say that Santogold, Childish Gambino, Odd Future, Das Racist and Ice Cube have a large influence on my flow and how I write. Die Antwoord made me feel comfortable in my own skin while playing live… We’re not everyone’s bag of goon.

P: I’m a huge hip hop fan, everything from crunk to boom bap. I’ve been listening to a lot of East Coast rap lately though, a lot of Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky. A huge influence on my music and production has got to be Apollo Brown. I strive to make beats as dope as his… One day.

3. YourGroup

P: Prolifik The Gifted – a corn-rowed, cupid-faced vinyl vandal.

T: Thraxxy – big haired, tongue in cheek, whiskey drinking dame.

T: Pro and I are blood, so there is no way of escaping each other! We started the band purely by accident. I was recording some guitar tracks with him and we started messing around with beats and sounds.We ended up recording our first track in his bedroom closet, slapped it up on MySpace and the rest is pretty much history. I work the daily grind in a body modification studio, and you can usually find Prolifik making beats or DJing at some dingy nightclub with a slew of emcees in tow.

4. The Music You Make

Expect the unexpected pal!

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

We recently saw Flatbush Zombies at Oxford Art Factory and were in awe! Definitely blew us away. The scene now is actually really surprising. A lot of the audience now is a younger crowd and there are a lot of female artists coming out of the woodwork, which is great!

Steez EP launch with Deadbeat & Hazy, Broken Thought Theory and Empress MC happens at Brighton Up Bar on Saturday June 22.

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