1. What We’re Looking For in Music

Our music is heavily influenced by soul music and older R&B tracks. As a band, we get the majority of our writing and rehearsing done at night. The ideal fan is someone who wants to make memories and have experiences to our music.

2. What We’re Doing With Ourselves

We’ve been writing pretty steadily for the past year and a half. It’s surreal for us as we wrote Feel Real (our first single out on Modular) almost two years ago! We are really excited to get some more music out soon as we feel we have matured and developed our song writing quite a lot in that time.

Something we enjoyed doing recently was going away for a week up the coast, to a little beach house to finish off some new music. We came away with five demos, which we’re still developing and working on. Other than that, we’ve started to play more live shows, including a recent run with Flight Facilities and Elizabeth Rose on their sold out tour in Melbourne and Sydney.

In terms of what’s next for us, we have our first single launch parties in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart (this month). On top of that we are over the moon to be playing alongside the Klaxons at Oxford Art Factory for the Modular Party in July. Playing a show on the same bill as Klaxons was something that Jesse and I dreamt about back in high school!

3. Our Best Gig Ever

We’ve only done a small number of shows so far, as we really wanted to focus on writing and developing the live show privately. We enjoyed all of the recent sold out Flight Facilities shows, and if we had to choose one particular show as a standout, we’d have to say playing the Corner in Melbourne. A lot of great acts have played at that venue and we were honoured to be there. That particular show was also special to us as it was our first show of the year, so the set we played that night was three months in the making! It was also the first time an audience had heard any of our new songs.

4. Our Favourite Things

We’ve been taking a lot of influence from Frank Ocean, Jai Paul and Sam Sparro recently. There’ve been a few albums recently that have forced us to pick up our game in terms of writing and the overall depth to our songs, mainly The Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence and the new James Blake album Overgrown. In terms of amazing shows we’ve seen recently we took a lot away from the James Blake show at the Sydney Con.

5. Our Ultimate Rider

Once Jesse and I spent a productive lecture at university writing our dream rider! I’ve filtered this ridiculous list down from 20 requests to three essentials. These are: a PlayStation with Fifa 03; a famous local dish; and a piano.

The ‘Feel Real’ single launch happens at Goodgod Small Club on Wednesday June 12.

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