If you want to see a whole bunch of folk from Sydney and Melbourne bands with truly amazing names (who you’ve probably seen about the past few years) playing in their other/new bands, head to Goodgod this Thursday night.

There’ll be a single launch by Melbournian ‘super-group’ Montero (songwriter and frontman Ben Montero with Gerald Wells on synths, Geoffrey O’Connor on guitar, Guy Blackman on piano, producer Robert Bravington on bass and Cameron Potts on drums), plus Early Woman (Hannah Brooks of Young Professionals/St Helens/Spider Vomit with Ben Montero, Bobby Bravington and Caitlin Perry), Drown Under (Jack Mannix of Circle Pit, Sarah Davis of Whores, Dean Adam of Housewives, Laura Hunt of Ghastly Spats and Matt Nev of Snotty Babies), plus the Circle Pit DJs and Marcel Whyler (buzz kull). Tickets are $12 through http://www.moshtix.com.au

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