This three song (plus one remix) EP will enjoy club remixes, earworm complaints and radio saturation – so let’s not hate them in six months for the fact we all couldn’t stop playing it.

Exploding onto the musical radar via the internet seemed to be a thing of the past. It had become a mystical tale told about Lily Allen and Arctic Monkeys that lead to a flooding of the old world wide web by desperate artists vying for attention.

UK electronic/indie pop trio London Grammar have somehow reinvented true internet buzz, launching themselves through word of mouth and internet presence, but what separates them from every other band out there is that they are really quite awesome.

Their first single ‘Hey Now’ was smothering radio and melting hearts long before they had even secured a release for their debut EP Metal & Dust, and rightfully so. With a sound that combines the synth drive of Everything But The Girl (and, in fact, most of the early ‘90s’ pivotal trip hop artists) with simple yet infectious guitar refrains that put The xx to shame, all lead by the emotive and surprisingly mature vocals of Hannah Reid, London Grammar have set the bar high for their eventual debut album.

4.5/5 stars


Metal & Dust is out now through Dew Process.

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