Ever feel guilty that you always seem to leave it until the last minute to prepare a gift for that Kris Kringle work colleague, inevitably finding yourself nervously scrunching a brown paper bag over the said object and stitching it together with gaffe to make it look sort of wrapped 10 minutes before the opening begins?

Well, we’re here to expound you of such guilt, with the theory that maybe you’ve just sub-consciously avoided the task because wrapping up the gifts was such a pain in the arse (buying can be tricky too – but we’ve got you covered).

Wrapping presents is the true grinch of Christmas, the ultimate party-pooper and over-all mood killer when it comes to festiveness and frivolity.

Thankfully, we’ve heard the frustrated cries of well-meaning Australians and have provided a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect gift expertly wrapped. Read on for life-changing advice.

Hack 1 – How to create infinite paper

You’ve got a set of…something packaged for you in a nice rectangular box. You cut the paper out, and find that you don’t have enough to fully cover the box. Do you throw out the paper and start again? NO! Simply place the box diagonally across the paper and you’ll find you can cover your entire gift incredibly easily.