The influence of yuppie-hipsterdom on our lives in recent years has been undeniable. Yes, it seems as though our grocery shopping trips have been extended due to the inability to pick which locally sourced brand of artisanal pickles to buy, making us feel as though we are nothing but an unironic real-life projection of Girls. 

But let’s face it, we love variety, we love Instagramable loaves of sourdough and most of all, we love one-upping our friends in showing them just how cultured we may be.

Once scoffed at for being nothing but a pretentious past-time, craft beer is now more accessible than ever. It’s so easy to get your hands on, there’s pretty much no excuse to settle for a beer you would’ve guzzled at an 18th in 2006 after multiple games of Goon Of Fortune.

First Choice Liquor have introduced a whole new range of affordable craft beers and if you’re looking to step up your, Sunday arvo BBQ/Footy grand final festivities/celebration of any kind game, it’s the place to get started (they’ve even got an insane 2 for $40 deal going at the moment, even more bang for your brews).

From locally brewed stouts to pale-ales that basically have a dedicated fanbase at this point, they’ve got it all. It can be overwhelming to make a decision, so we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you pair your craft beer of choice with the perfect feast.

Wheat Beers 

Taste: On the smoother side of things, Wheat Beers offer up luscious textures and the sensory pleasure of carbonation.

What to pair it with: Brewed with wheat and barley, you’re going to want to subdue the intense burn of a Pork Vindaloo or a particularly tangy Tom Yum soup.

Our recommendation: White Rabbit Ale

With zesty undertones of coriander,  juniper berry, and bitter orange, the beer offers up the perfect balance between being sensually aromatic and bitter.

Complete with the aftertaste of locally sourced honey, you’ll find sweet relief from an almost Ghost Pepper disaster and find yourself dancing with the flavours of a masterfully crafted wheat beer.

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Golden Ales 

Taste: Balmy summer arvos basically beckon beer drinkers everywhere to indulge in Golden Ales. Lacking dominant malt or hop characteristics, Golden Ales are thirst quenchers that’ll have you basking carefree in the sun.

What to pair it with: Pair a Golden Ale with a Pinterest-board ready summer BBQ spread – succulent grilled Prawns, smoked fish and chicken, salads and the lot. We can guarantee you’ve got Insta-envy on your hands with this.

Our recommendation: James Squire – The Chancer Golden Ale

Its alluring rich orange-amber colour will initially reel you in, but its tropical fruit aroma with restrained bitterness will have you coming back as a loyal worshipper to their sun-drenched throne.

Amber Ales

Taste: Amber ales offer up a sweet-middle ground for beer drinkers. With roasted malt characters, you’ll find of sweet caramel and a light fruitiness shine through.

What to pair it with: A crisp Woodfired pizza is in order for an Amber Ale, with its caramel and sweet notes complementing smokey foods nicely.

Our recommendation: Steamrail Amber Ale

Hopped four times in small batches, Steamrail Amber Ale is as deep in flavour as it is in colour.


Taste:  With a creamy head and a luxuriously rich body, Stouts often assume a coffee-like character. One of the quirkier crafts, roasted malts give the beer its dark colour.

What to pair it withStout’s low alcohol content and chocolatey flavour make them an A-grade choice for pairing with classicly moreish desserts like dark chocolate mousses, cream puffs, and fondants. The bitterness of some stouts will offer up a cut-through for the dessert’s richness (who needs berries when you can have another beer?)

Our recommendation: Grand Ridge Hatlifter Stout Bottle 

The Grand Ridge Hatlifter is a full-bodied Australian stout with subtle notes of chocolate and liquorice, culminated through its combination of pure malts. If you’re looking to hibernate and pack on a few layers of insulation this winter, rug up with Grand Ridge and a generous helping of choccy.


Taste: Originating in England, porters – often described as rich, flavourful with medium bitterness and a sweet finish, lack the big roasted flavour or bitterness of most stouts.

What to pair it with: Much like a good stout, porters pair nicely with chocolate and chocolate styled deserts.

Our recommendation: Mornington Porter 

The Mornington Porter is an all-encompassing consumption experience, exuding the intimate aromas of dark chocolate and vanilla.

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Have we conjured up your appetite and thirst enough? Check out First Choice Liquor’s website to suss out the full range of craft beer on offer.

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