Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here? A Saved By The Bell-inspired pop-up bar is heading to Sydney. It’s been over 20 years since we said goodbye to Bayside High, but we’re not giving up on our dreams. Saved By The Max are coming to Sydney to reignite our love for Kelly Kapowski all over again.

The date and location of the diner are yet to be revealed. All we know so far is that tickets are $30 for each two-hour sitting and $55 for the bottomless beverage option. You’ll also be able to chow down on some staple diner fare.

The bar will be giving away a bunch of prizes for the best group choreography and the ultimate Saved by the Bell trivia Wizard. Most importantly, they’ll be honouring the best-dressed guests. There is nothing in this life more joyous than a dress-up event, especially a 90s event. It’s time for you to desperately scrummage through your parent’s garage and unearth your mum’s heated rollers because small hair simply will not do. We’re talking felt hats, scrunchies, fits that borrow from the “camping aesthetic”, those vests with no sleeves that serve no real purpose, the golden age of fashion.