Abbie Chatfield has criticised Australian comedian Nikki Osborne after sharing an off-colour meme comparing Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates to Harvey Weinstein.

The meme in question featured fallen Hollywood mogul and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein alongside actor Lindsay Lohan, with the caption: “The original no jab, no job”, a reference to Weinstein’s harrowing ‘casting couch’ crimes that catalyzed the #MeToo movement.

Osborne deleted the meme shortly after sharing posting, though not before it was picked up by Chatfield, “Screenshots last forever,” the It’s A Lot podcast host wrote.

In a series of videos shared to her Instagram stories, Chatfield condemned Osborne for making light of rape and sexual assault victims.

“Imagine a female in the industry to think it’s funny to make fun of rape and sexual assault victims. Jokes about rape aren’t funny. Unless it’s about your own sexual assault as a coping mechanism,” said Chatfield.

“Have you been sexually assaulted, Nikki? If you have, what are you doing? If you haven’t, what are you doing? Have you got a friend who has been raped? Because most people have.”

Chatfield continued, “So for you to sit there and make a joke likening the vaccine that is saving lives to rape.

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“I don’t know if you’re anti-vax but it’s a ridiculous joke. Likening the vaccine to rape is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in my entire life.”

“Imagine being so shit at comedy that you have to make fun of rape victims,” she added.

In response to the backlash, Osbourne took to her own Instagram stories, writing:

Nikki posted a reply to the outrage on her Instagram Stories on Monday evening, writing: “Dear Mob, You’ve been misinformed. Your quarrel is not with me. I’m on your team. Warmest, Casting couch survivor”.

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual abuse or family violence contact:

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Counselling Service 24-hour helpline 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732

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