Who doesn’t love movies? Moreover, who doesn’t love movies and saving the planet?

The AGL Perfect Light Film Festival combines the best of the environmental and the artistic worlds; it’s a three day long short film festival that is entirely powered by that great old engine in the sky, the sun. The fest has already made considerable cultural waves – up to 2,000 people are expected to attend the second day of the event on Saturday December 2, where 15 short films will be aired.

But that’s not all. Along with a live music performance and an opening night party, the festival will also feature a filmmaking workship run by Wayne Blair, the acclaimed Aussie director behind The Sapphires and Redfern Now.

“Film festivals provide a great platform for emerging filmmakers and actors to showcase their work to the public and to industry heavyweights in a fun and relaxed environment,” said the festival’s director Steve Bastoni. “And what better setting than Broken Hill? It has such a rich and iconic film history and is an integral part of Australia’s film culture and identity. We hope to support
emerging filmmakers and local talent to become a part of this history by shining light on their work.”

It’s all going down in the picturesque surrounds of Broken Hill, so not only will you get to bask in the glow of some great films, you’ll be able to drink in the best natural beauty that this country has to offer. Literally, what more could you want? The AGL Perfect Light Film Festival has it all.

The AGL Perfect Light Film Festival is going down from Friday December 1 to Sunday December 3. For more information, head to the AGL Perfect Light Film Festival here.

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