Ellidy Pullin, the widow of late Australian Olympic snowboarder Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin, has given birth to their daughter 15 months after his death last year.

Ellidy Pullin announced the birth of their daughter, Minnie Alex Pullin, on Instagram. “Hello, I had a baby,” she wrote. Minnie was conceived after Ellidy underwent successful posthumous IVF in the months following Alex’s passing. She was born on October 25th.

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Alex Pullin was Australia’s first snowboard world champion, competing in three Olympic games. Alex died in a freak diving accident at Palm Beach in July last year, drowning after suffering a ‘shallow-water blackout’ after attempting to hold his breath for too long.

Ellidy has openly documented her pregnancy and IVF treatment on her podcast Darling, Shine! and Instagram. She told her podcast listeners that she and Alex had been trying to get pregnant for months, and that she had to “hustle” to retrieve her late partner’s sperm following his death.

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“[It was] incredibly fortunate we had the resources and the means to make this happen in such crucial time,” she said.

Ellidy confirmed that she was pregnant in an Instagram post in June this year. “Bubba Chump coming this October,” Ellidy wrote.

“Your Dad and I have been dreaming of you for years little one. With a heart-wrenching plot twist in the middle.

“When my love had his accident, we all held onto hope that I’d be pregnant that month. We’d been trying for a baby. IVF was on our cards but it wasn’t something I ever imagined I’d be tackling on my own.

“Bittersweet like none other, I’ve never been more certain or excited about anything in my entire life.”

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