Disgraced comedian Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson’s Instagram account @shooterwilliamson has been deleted.

As Pedestrian report, the account, which boasted 496,000 followers, has been scrubbed. Williamson has since started a new account under @shootzwilliamson.

In a post on the account, Alex Williamson detailed an email exchange he had with a Daily Telegraph journalist in which he revealed he had “no damn idea” why his Instagram account was deleted.

“I’ve had a few community strikes for copyright infringements and a couple of stories have been mistakenly reported as ‘bullying’, where I’ve referred to a friend as a ‘good cunt’ and it’s been taken down and flagged as abuse haha,” Williamson wrote.

“I have at times on social media referred to myself as a ‘machine’, which may have also been taken literally by whatever tool Instagram uses to disable bot accounts.”

Williamson’s account being deleted follows a recent social media maelstrom that saw the comedian accused of abuse by his ex-partner, musician Peach PRC.

On Tuesday, April 27th musician Peach PRC took to Twitter to share a statement accusing Williamson of  “abusive” and “predatory” behaviour.

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“He is abusive, manipulative and predatory and has done absolutely vile things to not only myself but others who I won’t mention for their privacy,” Peach wrote. The musician alleged that Williamson had a history of “grooming and abusing young vulnerable women and girls.”

In the hours following Peach PRC’s initial post Williamson took to Instagram to deny the allegations. Sharing a series of expletive-ridden videos, denouncing Peach’s statement as ”horse shit.”

The 32-year-old comedian alleged that Peach had previously attempted to “deplatform” him via TikTok months prior — ultimately deleting the posts when they failed to gain traction.

“She put out those accusations and then she deleted them when they didn’t hit the audience she wanted them to.”

Following Williamson’s tirade, he was dropped by his management team More Talent. On Friday, both Sydney and Perth Comedy Festivals pulled the comedian from their programs.