Comedian BFF’s Christian Hull and Tanya Hennessy have been bringing their Low Expectations Tour around Australia, at at their most recent Brisbane show, they were joined on stage by a beautiful couple, who became engaged with a little bit of comedic assistance. We’re not crying, you are.

Australia’s most adorable BFF’s Christian Hull & Tanya Hennessy have joined forces to perform live on stage together in their first-ever joint tour, but what’s an adorable BFF duo without a BF duo to join them?

Following on from four sold-out, under-the-radar trial shows, Hull & Hennessy have been touring Australia with their unique brand of viral sensation silliness, salacious stories and life advice. But, they took a short break from their hilarious escapades to help out an adorable couple with popping the question.

Shortly after the proposal, Hull was clad in an eggplant costume offering up and impromptu dance, full of zest and beauty, while Hennessy brought out her good old ukulele and incredible singing voice to perform a heartwarming and hilarious rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’.

The show has been a wild success so far, with Christian Hull and Tanya Hennessy bringing forth their diverse range of comedic skills to entertain crowds across every state. And the sheer amount of heart that is packed into each and every one of their shows can be seen in the proposal video below. This duo are perfect together. (Both the couple and Hull and Hennessy to be honest.)

You can watch the vid below, but be ready to laugh and cry at the same time

With hilarious characters including his hugely popular alter-ego ‘Trish’, Christian Hull (Carrie & Tommy Show, Complete Drivel podcast) began performing live show to big theatres and comedy clubs in 2018 to 100% sold out houses.

Best-selling author, columnist, award-winning national broadcaster and TV presenter Tanya Hennessy’s (The Project, Studio Ten, Bachelor Unpacked) videos have seen her earn over 600 million views on Facebook and a loyal following of 1.5 million across social media.

It would be an absolute shame to miss these two prolific comedians, creators, bosom buddies and internet darlings, as they hit live stages across Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand for their very first live tour in a fun-filled, unique and eccentric joint show not to be missed.

Tickets are selling like hotcakes for the last remaining Canberra shows on the tour, and you can snag some before the rest right here.

Who knows what’ll happen at your leg of the tour? Only one way to find out.