Amela Duheric’s eight-track debut record is a work completely influenced by love. But atop some charming indie musicality, this album could prove to be a point of contrast for some who are tired with the concept.

Opening with lead single ‘Push & Pull’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this album feels a little ’90s girl rock at first. But enter ‘Never Said A Word’, sounding like a stream of consciousness as Amela deliberates over an unknown being and the intentions behind their silence. It’s carried initially by a cascading piano line, but is later joined by complementary strings and shimmering cymbals.

It’s here that things start to open up. Third track ‘Better Off’ sounds alt-country-influenced with a gentle swagger, while ‘Fall’ is a much more urgent affair, underpinned by strings and a sprightly piano melody. ‘All For Love’ proves a crooning country-esque slow-burner with charming whistles to boot, while the sombre violin on ‘Softly’, accompanied by dimmed vocals, provides a much more muted offering.

Finishing with the electronically-led ‘Darling’, Somewhere In Between definitely lives up to its name: every bit pop, alt-country and with tinges of folk and electronics, but not quite ready to be diluted down to one.

Somewhere In Betweenis out independently on Friday March 3.

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