With a name like The Apache Relay, you can probably guess what the music sounds like. The sweet tones of acoustic instruments. The vocals as rich as butterscotch schnapps.

This indie/folk sound that has been sprouting all over the world just keeps coming. And even though no-one has been doing anything unique with it for a while now, it’s still so damned enjoyable. The Apache Relay is yet another indie/folk album released by yet another indie/folk band that looks like it’s just strolled off a fashion shoot for the ruggedly attractive.

Does that make it a bad album? Not at all. If you’ve been enjoying this sub-genre’s sound (and lets face it, who hasn’t?), then you’re sure to enjoy them. It is a good album; every song is pleasant and the lyrics are charming.

There’s nothing wrong with the record, but there’s nothing new either. The Apache Relay bring nothing more to the party then the dozen other groups who have sprung up over the past few years.

If you haven’t found your favourite indie/folk band yet, then you should definitely give this album a try. But if you’ve already made your pick, then you’re not going to find anything here that will win you over.


The Apache Relay is out now through Dine Alone.

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