After touring rural New South Wales, rebel rockers the Urban Guerillas are returning to Sydney for three big sets.

The pub rock stars will be hitting the city for three major nights that are sure to be memorable.

For two dates, the Guerillas will be joined by Spy V Spy, who’ll be bringing their Brazilian-influenced rock and signature lyrics of social change to Sydney pubs.

For the final show planned this year, the Guerillas will take on Christmas as they sing ‘Carols by Blowtorch’. The carols are set to change the way you hear Christmas classics as they smash out a set at the Union Hotel and refuse to sing in cutesy angel voices.

Catch the band with Spy V Spy at Caringbah Hotel on Saturday November 19 and at Beaches Thirroul on Friday December 2, or catch the Carols by Blowtorch event at the Union Hotel on Thursday December 8.

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