If you’ve ever spent more than five seconds discussing the topic of your favourite biscuits with friends (and let’s face it, what true friendship doesn’t revolve around such conversations), you’d realise how much of a contentious topic that can be.

While some will defend Arnott’s Iced VoVo to the death, others will champion the oft-maligned Ginger Nut. Others still will (correctly, mind you) claim that the humble Scotch Finger shall emerge the victor in some sort of flavour-fuelled battle royale.

Now, the debate is set to move from the crumbly confines of the biscuit aisle to the sticky surrounds of the confectionary aisle.

Yes, announced today, Arnott’s Biscuits are set to turn your favourite biscuits into blocks of chocolate, meaning that you can have the best of both worlds on your next movie night.

While Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger, and Wagon Wheels will be receiving the chocolatisation treatment, biscuit-lovers will also be able to pick up block versions of the somewhat divisive Jatz (sorry, Victorians) and Ginger Nut varieties.

“There’s no denying Aussies’ love of Arnott’s biscuits, or their love of chocolate,” explained Arnott’s marketing manager, Pauline Mercier. “We wanted to combine the two and give people the best of both worlds and a new way to enjoy them.”

“Whether it’s the delicious buttery crunch of Scotch Finger, the undeniable Wagon Wheel combination of biscuit, raspberry and marshmallow, the ever-humble coconut and raspberry from Iced VoVo, the sweet and salty combo you get with Jatz, there’s something for everyone.”

“We’ve selected a range of flavours that we know Aussies are sure to love,” Mercier concluded. “We are sure there will be plenty of debate about favourite flavours – especially with those Ginger Nut lovers out there.”

“Alright,” we can hear you saying impatiently, “when can we get our hands on these next-level combinations of biscuit and chocolate?”

Well, luckily you won’t have long to wait to pick up blocks or bars (except Ginger Nut, which is only available in block form), with all of these delicious-sounding items hitting the shelves at Coles and other independent retailers next week.

Of course, we too are expecting a bit of debate about these new flavours, and plenty of questions about why on Earth the clearly popular Mint Slice never got a guernsey this time around?