Having performed a few sporadic tours over the last few years, music fans were very happy that At The Drive-In decided to finally release a new album, only 17 years after their last one. However, it’s not just between a 17 year gap between releasing albums, but also for TV appearances by the group, who ended that drought by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

Taking to the outdoor stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in support of their fourth album in•ter a•li•a, the group performed the tracks ‘Call Broken Arrow’, and the album closer ‘Hostage Stamps’.

While fans who were lucky enough to see the group on their previous tours to Australia since reforming already know how brilliant the group are live, their first TV spot in almost two decades showcase their high energy and showmanship, making it seem as though they never took a break at all.

Check out their performances of ‘Call Broken Arrow’ and ‘Hostage Stamps’ below.

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