Luxury athleisure wear label P.E. Nation have been criticised for performative inclusivity Australian Fashion Week after a runway blunder that saw the label hire a model who uses a wheelchair, without considering an accessible runway.

As Pedestrian report, TikTok users have taken to the platform to share footage of the runway show, slamming Australian Fashion Week organisers for an ill-thought attempt at inclusivity.

The runway was strewn with mountains of tinsel, which anyone with half a brain cell could probably recognise would be a logistical issue for a wheel to pave through. Footage from the show highlights IMG model and Paralympian Rheed McCracken struggle to make his way down the runway.

@theexampleauStressed out for #paralympian Rheed McCracken during this show… #australianathlete #fashionweekaus♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

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“Fashion shows that think accessibility doesn’t match the runway aesthetic need to stop. This is a common occurrence,” one TikTok user wrote.

Whilst another made a barbed remark comparing the show to Sia’s off-colour film, Music, which faced widespread condemnation for casting Maddie Ziegler as an autistic person.

“‘We want to look inclusive but we don’t wanna take any measures to be inclusive’ this show director should talk to Sia they would get along,” The TikTok user wrote.