In the last year, NFTs have well and truly boomed and Australia has certainly taken notice. 

Beloved New Zealand brand F. Whitlock & Sons recently arrived on Aussie shores with their delicious BBQ Sauces landing in supermarkets here late last year. When the time came to celebrate their new flavoursome range of killer beans, marinades and rubs, they struck on the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind NFT.

They turned to acclaimed Aussie artist and social media star Campbell Walker, aka Struthless, who was excited to create his first-ever NFT digital artwork. What’s more, it’s all being done for a good cause, with all proceeds raised going to The Hunger Project Australia, supported by Aussie brand Good Empire.

Inspired by the standout label for the iconic Kiwi brand’s sizzling Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Struthless wanted to make it as unique as possible. “Because I was making my first NFT I wanted to do another first so I decided to try a medium which I’ve always been curious about but never actually attempted,” he explained. “I chose paper cutout stop motion – the most famous example would be the first-ever episode of South Park. It was pretty cool trying that.”

Having watched some of his artist mates design their own NFTs, Struthless (whose first book comes out just next week, Your Head Is A Houseboat, a frank look at mental clarity, is out next week) relished the chance to explore the evolving intersection between technology and art. “The link between art and tech was really cool. As someone who makes art, it’s so lovely as we move forward to see ways people are able to monetise their creativity.”

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André Eikmeier, the founder of Good Empire, also shared his excitement at the collaboration. “This definitely came out of left field, but we liked that Whitlock’s wanted to do something new and interesting that raised funds for impact,” he said.

“We’ve actually been looking into NFTs ourselves, and their potential for raising funds and awareness for impact projects. It’s bigger than most people realise, and it’s really only just the beginning of what we’re going to start to see in the world of crypto.”

Eikmeier continued: “The Whitlock’s NFT Cam created – it’s so cool. It’s actually amazing to have a one-off NFT, rather than a series – should really add to the rarity, which is all-important with an NFT. Can’t wait to see how it goes!”

If you want to bid for Struthless’ NFT artwork, the auction is now live via OpenSea for public bids!

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