13-year-old Rylee Stuart is having a helluva a week after receiving a $20,000 payday from Doritos for finding an oddly shaped corn chip in one of their packets.

The Aussie teen was casually munching her way through a normal pack of Doritos when she came across an air-filled chip that looked as though it has been inflated. Intrigued by the unique Dorito, Stuart took to TikTok with a video of it.

“I found a puff Dorito! Is this valuable or should I just eat it. Tell me please,” she captioned the video. The video went viral and has since racked up over 4.2 million views.

@m0mmymilkerzaThey should start making these #swag♬ original sound – Tubbo 👏🏻

Stuart’s followers encouraged her to keep the Dorito and sell it online, which is what she attempted to do.

The teenager posted the inflated chip for sale on Ebay for $0.99. The auction took off and hit $20,000 in a matter of days and later hit $100,000.

“I saw $10,000 and I like screamed,” she told 9 news.

“Dad is saying that since he bought the packet, it’s his chip, but I ate the packet and found it, so I believe it is mine,” Stuart said.

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The auction has since been removed. But, even though the auctions been removed, Stuart hasn’t missed out on her payday.

Dorito Australia was impressed by both Stuart’s inflated chip find and her “bold entrepreneurship” move of selling the Dorito on eBay. The brand has gifted her $20,000 as a result.

“It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for Rylee and her family and we’ve loved following her story,” the company’s chief marketing officer Vandita Pandey said.

“We’ve been so impressed with Rylee’s boldness and entrepreneurial spirit, so we wanted to make sure the Stuart family were rewarded for their creativity and love for Doritos.”

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