As we have reported on, two bike-sharing companies launched in Sydney over the past month or so, and it would appear people are responding to the intrusion by dumping the bikes in parks, up trees, and into waterways.

In appears to be happening more in Melbourne than here – they’ve had since June to build their hatred up — and oddly, seems to only be the yellow oBikes, rather than the red Reddy Go ones, that are coping the brunt of the hatred.

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oBike Australia yesterday plucked 42 bikes out of the Yarra, and while their post was good-humoured, it won’t take long until this gets extremely painful for them.

Councils are “investigating” the illegal dumping, but we know how that’s likely to turn out. Until the problem is sorted, locals are taking it among themselves to fish them out of the river themselves.

Fishing For 'O Bikes' In The Yarra River

Chances are you've heard of O Bikes…. but have you heard of O Bike Fishing????

Posted by Tommy Jackett on Saturday, 23 September 2017

42 bikes. 4 hours. Finally I got rescued from the bottom of Yarra.Some people seem to think I like swimming and have…

Posted by oBike Australia onTuesday, 26 September 2017

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