As you get older, one of life’s great displeasures is losing your favourite snacks and drinks. It was a travesty when the Cadbury Dream was no more in Britain.

When they announced they were changing the original recipe of Scotland’s iconic fizzy drink Irn Bru (fun fact: Scotland is the only country where the most popular fizzy drink isn’t Coke), it almost incited national riots.

That’s why it didn’t come as a shock that Aussies got very involved when someone posed this question in the r/australia Subreddit: What discontinued foods do you miss?

“For me it’s got to be Space Food Sticks,” said the original creator of the post. “Every now and again I get these random cravings for them.”

The most popular suggestion was – no surprise really – the old school Milo bar. “Not the ones with the little crispy milo balls mixed with a fake Boost bar, the OG one that was hard compacted Milo surrounded by chocolate,” agreed someone else wholeheartedly.

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That was followed by Blackcurrant mini wheats, with another Redditor offering a funny story about the gone-but-never-forgotten cereal. “Literally have younger people at my workplace look at me like I’m psychotic while I rave about how good Blackcurrant Mini Wheats were,” they wrote.

“I wish I knew they were going away so I could have stockpiled hundreds of boxes.” “It honestly feels like a sad tragedy that I’ll never taste them ever again.”

Another very popular suggestion was Pizza Hut Buffet, although there was actually some good news on that front. “Adelaide still has one,” another user revealed. “Am moving to Adelaide just for this,” someone else chimed in reasonably.

Someone really wanted In a Biskit to bring back their OG potato flavour, while acknowledging they recently brought back chicken flavour as a limited edition. Elsewhere, Nesquik wasn’t missed out obviously, with the return of their Banana flavour being a popular suggestion.

The thread wasn’t without its flashpoints. After someone suggested Sunny Boys, another user wasn’t in agreement. “Fuck those thongs,” they said. “Most inconvenient packaging of any product in history.” An entirely separate thread then ensued with people arguing over the merits of Sunny Boys. Another Redditor also said that Milky Way spread was better than Nutella, which is just so inflammatory.

After noticing someone had suggested Incredibites, I came upon a wonderful discovery: there was actually a petition on to bring back the beloved snack. Although it’s now sadly closed, at one time it had 240 valiant supporters fighting the good fight. One day we might see you again, Incredibites, one day.

So let’s hope the likes of Nestlé and Nesquik are reading this and realise just how much Aussies are missing their favourite discontinued delights. Make it right!

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