A duo of Aussie travelers on their way to Phuket were removed from a flight as other attendants cheered following an unknown incident.

Two Aussie travelers flying AirAsia to Phuket were removed from the flight the day after Christmas. Currently, there are three TikTok videos from _aizatrahman’s page, all of which present the situation as “drama dalam fight.” The TikTok’s in question don’t appear to capture the initial incident that sparked the incident between the two passengers and airplane staff, although the page that posted them seems to be in favour of the staff based on their comments under the videos.

The page responded to one comment, “wait, did i see a little girl who is also clapping her hands?” with, “She is also couldnt stand the drama. Imagine the patong beach already.”

Another comment from _aizatrahman read “No worries. Glad to experience this irl actually and impressed to see the crew did an amazing job. You guys safe flight always k!”

It’s unclear whether the two who were kicked off were agitated at one another or someone else. The two can be seen being physically rough with one another in small ways throughout the video. It’s unknown whether this was an direct expression of frustration at each other or if this was displaced anger from a third party or something outside of either of those options.

At the same time, the two can be seen offering kind gestures to one another such as cusping of the face. Ultimately, body language alone is not enough to analyze the situation.

The two were also angry at other passengers who jeered them on and clapped as they were escorted from the plane, making the source of the frustration even more unclear. The two returned remarks in response to unintelligible provocations from the other passengers.

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“We’re not getting off – f**ing d**kheads.”

“F**king mutts,” the person in red said to the back of the plane.

“We’ll see yas there, aye?”

“I’m coming to Thailand – watch,” the man wearing a black t-shirt and cap yelled.

“You’re dead when you get there.”

Watch the videos below to judge for yourself.

Part 1


Selalu tengok kat TV je drama gini. First time jadi depan mata lol #fyp #xyzbca #airasia #ak822 #AK #klia2 #KUL #HKT #Phuket #KL #drama #gaduh #flight #flightcrew #karen #2023 #delay #passenger

♬ original sound – _aizatrahman – _aizatrahman

Part 2


Part 2 drama dalam flight AK822. #fyp #xyzbca #airasia #ak822 #klia2 #klia2 #KUL #HKT #Phuket #KL #thailand #drama #gaduh #flight #flightcrew #karen #2023 #delay #passenger

♬ original sound – _aizatrahman – _aizatrahman

Part 3


Last part drama dalam flight AK822. Alhamdulillah semuanya berakhir dengan baik dalam flight dan kami selamat berlepas dan mendarat selepas kejadian drama ni. #fyp #fypage #airasia #ak822 #klia2 #KUL #HKT #Phuket #KL #thailand #drama #gaduh #flight #flightcrew #flightdeck #karen #2023 #delay #passenger

♬ original sound – _aizatrahman – _aizatrahman

While speaking to a flight attendant, after the person wearing a red shirt was removed from the flight, the person wearing black argued, “I was here before everyone,” although, the context was unclear.

The comments were a mixture of people who claimed to be on the flight, people praising the airline staff, and those that seemed to be racially and ethnically motivated, claiming that the removed passenger’s actions were due to the area they were from and their country of origin.

“After all, credit to all the dedicated Air Asia staff from security staff … for their professional actions,” one person said.

“Things could’ve gone wrong if you act recklessly in a situation like this,” another person on TikTok commented

“Seriously, it’s not easy to handle this kind of situation. Well done guys,” one wrote.

“Salute the cabin crew, brother. His communication skills, the way he handles the situation…. Superb!” said another.

“You can leave the Area, but the Area won’t leave you,” one person remarked.

Another person said, “the crew said… you guys wrong plane.. this is go to Vietnam not Lebanon.”

“Lebanese even worse,” someone said in response to another commenter.

“Australian Lebanese”

One person tried to make the ridiculous connection that the reason that flights are being delayed is because of passengers such as these, despite all evidence pointing towards flight delays being caused by mass layoffs that in turn, caused the current staffing shortages.

Another person claimed to be on the flight and offered their version of the story, although, this information was not corroborated, “Hey I was on this flight , there is a full story to this ! The other guy with the hat prevoked the Lebanese guy and ran of. But the Lebanese guy being a man , stood up for himself but sadly got him kicked out ! Everyone clapping only done it cause he was wog and if he was Australian they would of stood by the Aussie guy ! Sucks this life we live all undercover racist people”

“AirAsia has a zero policy for unruly behaviour of any kind, and our staff are well trained in handling situations of this nature,” Kesavan Sivanandam, chief airport and customer experience officer, said.

“Travel restrictions may be put in place at the discretion of the airline for inappropriate behaviour.”

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