Monopoly has caused more bitter arguments at family game nights than any other board game. There’s simply no contest. So when it was announced this week that Melbourne is going to get a Monopoly theme park, we were initially hesitant.

Monopoly Dreams, as it’s going to be called, sounds quite fascinating though. The huge indoor theme park is coming to Melbourne Central this year, just the second one in the world after the Hong Kong original (it’s also set to be double the size of that city’s version).

The entrepreneurs responsible for bringing Monopoly Dreams to Australia, Derek Lo and Stephen Lo (unrelated, it should be noted), spoke to Broadcast about their vision. “It’s our passion and mission to bring the good stuff from overseas to Australia,” Derek said, while Stephen added, “You don’t see anything like this in Australia.”

Monopoly Dreams is going to be divided into two sections, Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion, with 15 unique attractions spread across both sections.

Some of the attractions include a 4D theatre where fans can ride the railway, a Water Works projection game, the infamous Bank, filled with actual Monopoly money to get your hands on, and a Chance wheel for getting prizes.

The City will also be designed to resemble the layout of good ol’ Melbourne, trams and all. Just one question though: where is Jail in all of this mayhem?

Visitors will be able to win Monopoly money to spend at the cafe or retail store. This is beginning to sound a lot like M&M World, which a lot of tourists really, really love.

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The theme park isn’t coming cheap, with the place expected to cost $20 million. It’s set to be housed at Melbourne Central for at least 16 years though, so it’ll probably make that back in no time. Keep your eyes peeled for the giant theme park arriving later this year.

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