Spicy street food, high-end Orchard road shopping sprees and, of course, a token IG shot in the iconic Marina Bay Sands pool could be on the cards for some travel-hungry Aussies if the latest Australian travel bubble plans with Singapore come to fruition.

After a meeting with Singapore leader Lee Hsien Loong last night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that Singapore is the next country that Australia is looking to open a travel bubble with.

According to a joint statement from the PM’s office, the two leaders said that there was “nothing impeding us” to put systems in place to roll out a travel bubble like the one we currently have with New Zealand.

The prime ministers “acknowledged the importance of open borders to the post-pandemic recovery” but they did say that it the potential travel bubble may still be a way off.

“Still some time before we reach that milestone, but there is nothing impeding us, as we discussed today, from getting on with the job, of putting systems in place that will enable such a bubble to emerge between Singapore and Australia,” said Morrison.

Loong mentioned the possibility of a requirement for travellers to have health and vaccination certificates, which would most likely be digital.

“Before Covid-19 many Singaporeans travelled to Australia for business, holidays and to pursue their education,” Lee said.

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“We need to resume these people-to-people flows to maintain our close and excellent bilateral relationship.

“We need to prepare the infrastructure and the processes to get ready to do this, and this starts with mutual recognition of vaccination certificates, possibly in a digital form – very likely – and when all the preparations are ready we can start small with an air travel bubble to build confidence on both sides.”

The leaders also discussed the likelihood of opening the bubble to students first, allowing them to continue their studies which have been disrupted by the pandemic.

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