We’re counting down the 8 most unforgettable Aussie canteen foods.

From the pizza pockets, to the old frog in a pond, we’ve got it all covered in this comprehensive countdown!

8. Zooper Dooper

Zooper Dooper
The Zooper Dooper is a popular frozen treat, coming in dozens of different flavours.

These delectable icy-pole sugary treats were the highlight of my every recess and lunch. 50 cents and you’re sorted, though rumour has it some schools now even charge 70 cents!

7. The Pizza Pocket

Pizza Pocket
McCain’s delicious pizza pockets came in all kinds of flavours – margarita, Hawaiian and more.

Gosh, not much was better than a Pizza Pocket on a cold winter’s day. Lunch order Fridays were my totally favourite day of the week. If only I could go back!

6. The Sesame Snap

Sesame Snap

This one is of a “healthy” variety (at least that’s what I told Mum and Dad!) Now that I think of it, I’d love one of these bad boys RN.

5. The Slushy

The Slushy

One of my personal faves right here – the slushy is the oh-so-sweet frozen treat, coming in all kinds of flavours. I remember being sure to tell the parentals about the “fruit” in these bad-boys.

4. The Sunnyboy

The Sunnyboy canteen

Another addition to the frozen goods area, these were absolutely stunning on a hot Summer day. Fruit. Is. Healthy. Isn’t it?

3. The Jelly Cup

The Jelly Cup

The ol’ jelly cup. Score one of these bad boys for that excellent sugar hit. One of my faves, for sure.

2. The Frog In a Pond

The Frog In a Pond canteen

A timeless canteen dessert, the frog in a pond was always a cut above the rest. Rivalled by none, with the exception of the meat pie!

1. The Meat Pie

The Meat Pie canteen

There is nothing better than a delicious meat pie, at any time of the year, really. This is the best canteen food, and there sure ain’t no denying it.

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