Four’N Twenty have finally announced a plant-based ‘meat’ pie, meaning that us vegos can finally get our servo lunches on.

Vegos delight, because now in addition to Domino’s bringing vegan pizza to the menu and Subway introducing veggie based meatball subs, Four’N Twenty will be bringing their Meat Free Pies to the table.

Beginning in March, Four’N Twenty will be stocking their new plant-based ‘meat’ pies on shelves nationwide, meaning that we don’t have to suffer through another veggie pastie again.

Featuring all the classic taste that Four’N Twenty brings to its regular meat pies, the new plant-base pie is said to be just as comparable, and mouth-watering to us vegos.

The outside of the pie is the classic, flaky crust that is sure to cause a proper mess all down your shirt, while the inside of the pie will be a saucy plant-based protein mince, containing soy.

Slather it in tomato sauce, or even some barbecue sauce for an even meatier experience, and it’s sure to be delicious.

Their new ‘Meat Free Pie’ has received some kick back, however, with fans on social media claiming that going plant-based ruins the pies iconic brand.

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Four’N Twenty clapped back through Business Insider noting that “Our research found that 53% of consumers are reducing or eliminating meat from their diet, so it made sense to create Four’N Twenty’s first ever Meat Free pie for those on a plant-based diet. The ingredients within our new Meat Free pies contain no animal products.”

The pie will kick off in March exclusively in Coles shops, before hopefully hitting other supermarkets and servos later this year.

Check out Four’N Twenty’s Instagram post:

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