Today I ate a Plant Based Pepperoni Pizza from Domino’s. Don’t believe me? Check out this sweet pic I took below.

Dominos pizza

Ok here’s the truth;

  1. It tastes A LOT like Pepperoni. If you gave it to someone and told them it was Pepperoni, they would say it tastes like cheap, fast food Pepperoni, but they would have no reason to doubt you.
  2. If you blind folded someone, gave them both a Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza + a Vegan Pepperoni Pizza, they would be able to tell the difference. However if you don’t give someone the direct comparison it’s damn hard to pick it.

The pizza had a generous cheese portion (stretchy mozzarella) which made it not vegan (however you could have switched it for vegan cheese) and so the whole pizza was a damn pleasure to eat.

Domino’s are the first pizza chain in Australia to add plant-based pizzas to its menu and they have nailed it.

Meat eaters or not, plant based meat are the future – and Domino’s are ahead of the game here.

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