Domino’s have well and truly fucked up the chat plant-based eating game, and we are so grateful. The fast-food heroes have unleashed a new vegan menu that tickles every craving we have for a grubby, cheesy feast.

The pizza lords have given us four new completely plant-based pizzas that are destined to nurse all future dastardly hangovers. We can now indulge in vegan Hawaiian, ham and cheese, supreme and pepperoni pizzas.

“Providing plant-based pizzas is about breaking down barriers — whether people can’t, or choose not to, eat meat for religious, ethical, dietary or allergy reasons — now our menu gives everyone choices they can enjoy,” the spokesperson told

Not a day goes by in my plant-based life where I’m not absolutely fanging to suckle from the teat of an oily pepperoni nipple, so this is the best day of my life. By the sounds of it Domino’s went above and beyond to make this dream a reality. They reportedly went through 27 rounds of testing until their recipe was perfect.

“The plant-based pepperoni was particularly difficult to create and we went through 27 different variations before we developed a product we were 100 per cent happy with and knew our customers would love,” a spokesperson explained.

domino's vegan pizza range

This news comes shortly after Pizza Hut delivered a fully-fledged, plant-based banquet. The Pizza Hut range includes four new pizzas, the Vegan Deluxe, Vegan Mediterranean, Vegan Cheese Lovers and Vegan Margherita. They also dropped a vegan cheesy garlic bread and will now stock vegan cornettos.

This is the future that the left want.

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