Instagram in Australia is getting a quiet mode feature introduced with the goal of allowing users to silence the app.

Instagram has launched a new feature called “quiet mode” in an effort to help users manage their time on the app. The new setting allows users to hide notifications for a period of time that they set themselves. This includes messages, likes, follows, and other notifications. The goal is to help people “set healthy boundaries” with their friends online.

Once enabled, a user’s profile activity status will change to “in quiet mode” and an auto-reply will be sent when someone sends them a direct message. The sender will also receive a notification that the other person is in quiet mode and will not receive the notification.

Instagram has stated that they have been told by teens that they feel the need to be available all the time, so the app will now prompt younger users to activate quiet mode after spending a certain amount of time on the app at night.

In addition to quiet mode, Instagram is also allowing users to tailor their experiences on the app by giving them the option to hide recommended posts that include certain words, emojis, or hashtags in the caption. They can also select a “not interested” option on suggested posts and the app will avoid showing similar content.

Parents can now also view their child’s Instagram settings, including privacy and content defaults, and will receive notifications when their child updates a setting or blocks a user. The new features complement the existing tools already in place and reflect Instagram’s “ongoing work to build things that are meaningful for young people.” Quiet mode will be available to everyone in Australia and New Zealand, the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada on Friday and Instagram hopes to bring it to more countries soon.

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