Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham recently announced his decision to join the subscription-based adult content platform, OnlyFans, and now he’s explained why.

The Australian athlete won a gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics for 10m Men’s diving and was the first male Aussie to win gold in the event since 1924.

Recently, he took to social media to celebrate seven years of sobriety and spoke candidly about his struggles with depression and meth addiction, which began after his win.

He told the hosts of Channel 7’s The Morning Show that “drugs and alcohol don’t make problems go away”.

“You’re just left with problems and a hangover,” he added.

During the same interview, the hosts asked the Olympian why he recently joined OnlyFans, to which he responded: “The money.”

The hosts then probed Mitcham about how successful the account had been and asked if he’d earnt much money.

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“Absolutely … That quote Moira Rose (from Schitt’s Creek) said ‘take a thousand naked photographs of yourself while you’re young and beautiful’, so I took 8000 just to be safe,” he joked.

“It’s just another way for people to connect with me.

“I don’t do anything too raunchy. I just like to show off my beautiful body.”

Later in the interview, the athlete took some time to speak about Controlling Chemsex, a charity that he’s an ambassador for that deals with intentional sex under the influence of psychoactive drugs, called Controlling Chemsex.

“(It) deals with addictions to drugs, sex,” Mitcham told the hosts. “Particularly with sex and drugs addictions which are insidious.

“This charity provides free online counseling for people who are struggling to have sober sex and any other traumas around sex.

“We are trying to raise money to bring on more therapists to meet demand.

“It’s all online, even though it is a London based charity, they do counseling for people in America, Thailand, Australia, wherever cause it’s all online.”

For more on this topic, follow the Health and Wellness Observer.

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