I’ve watched a twelve-minute tutorial on how to do the Tik Tok woah dance so I’m no position to judge another person’s commitment to internet culture but Jesu Christo this is a lot to take in. As Pedestrian reports, Brock McLaughlin, a digital marketing strategist from Toronto, has immortalised the late 2019 Baby Yoda obsession forever.

I know that describing something as being “very 2019” is a trite and lazy observation, but this is literally the embodiment of 2019’s god-tier echelon of meme culture. McLaughlin has paid homage to The Mandalorian character in a way that is nothing short of poetic. The tattoo features baby Yoda cradling a can of White Claw.

If you’re not fully across the White Claw phenomena, here’s a little primer. White Claw is a hard seltzer that’s sort of become a meme over in the U S of A. It’s the en vogue “bro” beverage in the summer. It can be seen as a direct attack on toxic masculinity. Forget Pabst Blue Ribbon and milk crate bed frame, boys in 2019 only know White Claw seltzer’s and Virgil Abloh’s IKEA collaboration. Like a Cruiser bit with an element of chicness.

This is just, insanity. There needs to be a law executed where people looking to get a meme tattooed must embark on a one week cooling off period after their initial tattoo consultation. Surely there are not people out here that live so chaotically and so without regret.

I mean, this isn’t McLaughlin’s first rodeo. In a Twitter thread he revealed that he paid homage to the late, great, gorilla Harambe.