In a world where Crocs only continue to infiltrate the world of fashion and simultaneously take over the streets, Crocs have once again been taken to new heights.

The new Crocs which have been created with Balenciaga see the brands once again working together, but not as we’ve seen before. No, they aren’t back again to bring us the world record of thickest clog platform, but instead something way more confusing. Cue, the Croc stiletto.

It seems that Balenciaga have taken a style cue out of the pandemic or more from what we all hope the future might hold: leaving our homes.

Together they’ve brought us a pair of clogs that aren’t just great to lounge around the house in, but are also perfect for grabbing a drink at your favourite cocktail bar. Get you a pair of Crocs that can do both?

The collaboration sees the pumps coming in both green and black colourways, alongside clog boots.

As reported by Complexthe first Balenciaga collaboration with the clog empire sold out before they even landed in stores, which each pair retailing for $850.

In 2017, Balenciaga’s Gvasalia said on their first collab, “We were inspired by Crocs and we worked with them on a Balenciaga reinterpretation. Balenciaga x Crocs isn’t impossible, the question of taste is a very subjective value. We’ll see if this works in six months’ time in the stores.”

In recent times as the celebrity Crocs only continue to pump out their collaborations, think Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Diplo, post Malone and more, we also took a minute to think about their ‘cool status’. There was a time when most people would have done anything than to be caught rocking a pair of the EVA clogs.

But if anything’s clear these days, that’s not the case anymore. When are we getting Balenciaga Jibbitz though?

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