Banksy has launched his first-ever line of homewares, and they’re as deliciously grim as you’d expect.

The past fortnight saw Banksy open up a pop-up store in Croydon London. The store, Gross Domestic Product, was propped up in a vacant unit between Church Street and Frith Road. The store — which never actually opened— in now closed, and the elusive artist has moved his wares online.

The online store offers a range of completely miserable items such as a clutch made from house brick that “is perfect for the kind of person who doesn’t carry much but might need to whack someone in the face,” or perhaps a feature rug “painted to resemble the diabetes riddled corpse of Tony the tiger.”

One of the more spectacular items available to purchase is a replica of Stormzy’s bulletproof jacket from his Glastonbury performance. Note: the jacket is capable of stopping bullets and is completely stab-proof, but you can’t chuck it in the washing machine.

“This is not a proper shop – I mean it is an actual shop, it sells stuff and offers refunds and complies with data protection – but all the products are made in an art studio, not a factory,” Banksy shared with HYPEBEAST. “We use recycled materials wherever possible and there’s an ingrained culture of daytime drinking, so supply is limited and it might take a while getting to you. Shopping with us is likely to be a disappointing retail experience – especially if you’re successful in making a purchase.”

The world’s largest touring Banksy exhibition has currently made a home at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter. The exhibition — which absolutely does not have the Banksy seal of approval — will be open until December 1st. You can find out more about it here.